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Pro Lyrics:


Yo That’s Pro - Lyrics by Professor Lyrical (P. Plourde)

It’s hard to believe, that now I wear my heart on my sleeve

Used ta wear a sleeve over my heart, that was my starting-point—

Guard-ed, shielded, concealing how I’m feeling

Thinking that keeping it hard meant not being revealing

But I ain’t never really felt hard inside my heart,

I love people, I never want to tear em apart,

But, some kids are mean even before they turn teens

Made me want to stick to myself, and stick to my team

A small circle, was never really one for the fanfare

Till I made my first fan, now I understand real clear

I feel the pain of others sincere and vividly

So, I don’t have to live it, to know it and show em some empathy

So now I empty these, Mont Blancs repeatedly

The way they treating me, I feel like a Pro

Yall show me love on the reg, thanks for letting me know—yo

They say sales and streams make emcees successful

But I put bars over numbers like repeating decimals

Some be so stressful, down deep they wrestle

I just try to keep it peace before it seeps in my temples

So I freak the beats when I speak peeking the decibels,

Would never settle for average, I’d reach incredible

Levels inevitable, y’all should peep my schedule

You’ll find me eating vegetables at several Greek festivals

My idea of partying, not like the rest of you

I didn’t get this Lyrical by doing what the rest would do

I never rested dude, son I got my lessons too

College professor, call me “Mr.” cause respect is due

I got a question dude, if you could only spit one verse

Would you lie about yourself, or uplift the Earth?

Would you lie about your wealth, gross and total worth?

Before your lying by yourself, face full of dirt

I dig you done some dirt you did when you was a kid

You wish you wouldn’t have done but you did and it's done did

Son, kid, I ain’t tryna act all Holy Father

But if you thinking you Nasty as Nas, I’ll son you Olu Dara



Explain what is greatness, and the way that we rate this/

When clearly the basis for much of its baseless/

Subjects so basic, it’s tough to debate when/

The young generation is stuck in the [Matrix]/

Face it, most radio stations’/

Rotations for years on these shows are complacent/

Hosts that are wasted, look close at their playlists/

They post, and it shows, they are so cut and pasted/

Supposed to be raising these children is sacred/

As taking an oath, not a goat for the scaping/

So don't go and blame them and stop the complaining/

Just look at the nation that we went and gave them/

Went from Obama with Hope so audacious/

To quotes from The Oval so overtly racist/

Now in the ‘Home of the Brave” we’re less safe in/

No wonder Wakanda is where most put their faith in/

Walk in ta class feeling no motivation/

When no one in math has discussed a vocation/

Building a system with poor education’s/

Like building a house with no floors or foundation/

Or pouring cement in a porous foundation/

Receiving support from the poorest foundations/

Look at the buildings that most have been placed in/

It only makes sense that there’s low expectations/