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Pro Lyrics:


Yo That’s Pro - Lyrics by Professor Lyrical (P. Plourde)

It’s hard to believe, that now I wear my heart on my sleeve

Used ta wear a sleeve over my heart, that was my starting-point—

Guard-ed, shielded, concealing how I’m feeling

Thinking that keeping it hard meant not being revealing

But I ain’t never really felt hard inside my heart,

I love people, I never want to tear em apart,

But, some kids are mean even before they turn teens

Made me want to stick to myself, and stick to my team

A small circle, was never really one for the fanfare

Till I made my first fan, now I understand real clear

I feel the pain of others sincere and vividly

So, I don’t have to live it, to know it and show em some empathy

So now I empty these, Mont Blancs repeatedly

The way they treating me, I feel like a Pro

Yall show me love on the reg, thanks for letting me know—yo

They say sales and streams make emcees successful

But I put bars over numbers like repeating decimals

Some be so stressful, down deep they wrestle

I just try to keep it peace before it seeps in my temples

So I freak the beats when I speak peeking the decibels,

Would never settle for average, I’d reach incredible

Levels inevitable, y’all should peep my schedule

You’ll find me eating vegetables at several Greek festivals

My idea of partying, not like the rest of you

I didn’t get this Lyrical by doing what the rest would do

I never rested dude, son I got my lessons too

College professor, call me “Mr.” cause respect is due

I got a question dude, if you could only spit one verse

Would you lie about yourself, or uplift the Earth?

Would you lie about your wealth, gross and total worth?

Before your lying by yourself, face full of dirt

I dig you done some dirt you did when you was a kid

You wish you wouldn’t have done but you did and it's done did

Son, kid, I ain’t tryna act all Holy Father

But if you thinking you Nasty as Nas, I’ll son you Olu Dara



Explain what is greatness, and the way that we rate this/

When clearly the basis for much of its baseless/

Subjects so basic, it’s tough to debate when/

The young generation is stuck in the [Matrix]/

Face it, most radio stations’/

Rotations for years on these shows are complacent/

Hosts that are wasted, look close at their playlists/

They post, and it shows, they are so cut and pasted/

Supposed to be raising these children is sacred/

As taking an oath, not a goat for the scaping/

So don't go and blame them and stop the complaining/

Just look at the nation that we went and gave them/

Went from Obama with Hope so audacious/

To quotes from The Oval so overtly racist/

Now in the ‘Home of the Brave” we’re less safe in/

No wonder Wakanda is where most put their faith in/

Walk in ta class feeling no motivation/

When no one in math has discussed a vocation/

Building a system with poor education’s/

Like building a house with no floors or foundation/

Or pouring cement in a porous foundation/

Receiving support from the poorest foundations/

Look at the buildings that most have been placed in/

It only makes sense that there’s low expectations/

Thinking that STEM is for only them Asians/

Or part of a flower like pistils and stamens/

Lots of the power, has often remained in/

The hands of the few like these pistols they waiving/

They'll chop off the hands of their son like their Darth Vader/

So awesome the Power, they want to be Kanan/

Reign of the Empire, crushing The Rebellion/

Dreams of Millennials like Patriots on Falcons/

I’m here to claim that, we need to take it/

Back—our curriculum we ought to be ashamed of/

Same as every neighborhood-watch the Caucasians/

Craving every cul-de-sac or somewhere that’s gated/

Their property tax is in fact segregation/

Just show me the gross and the homes and locations/

I’ll show you a graph with direct correlation/

Exactly that maps out how we accu-place them/

Trace them, track them, we know what the pattern/

Is what gives, now that everybody’s rapping?/

Maybe it’s the problem, maybe we can trap them/

In, then we'll blame it on the Law of Attraction/

Maybe more simply, never taught em fractions/

Cause we never thought that mathematics was their passion/

I am here to smash that, bash that to pieces/

In fact, it was the topic of my doctoral thesis/

Acknowledging Hip Hop, of course it can reach them/

Embed it in the culture of the courses that we're teaching/

Check Chris Emdin, you can probably reach him/

@ #HipHopEd, it’s the hash that we’re tweeting/

Hip Hop heads working straight through weekend/

We taking no shorts, even do it while were sleeping/

A bunch of educators come together rather frequent/

Until we see each other at a conference that we’re speaking/

Topics of interest like interest were seeking/

Return on investment, our children were reaching/

They already get it and can bet that we ain't leaving~/

Till they walk across a stage on a late May evening/

Gaps of achievement, we're here to close them/

Those who deceiving, we're here to expose them/

The system is rigged like the Russians with voting/

We know who it is, there's no question the motive/



Chapter 1. Do You Remember? -Featuring Love Jones

For years Hip Hop has been lost in ‘stagnicity’/

Cross over pop that lost authenticity/

Eventually, grade school rap so elementary

Mirrors our educational institutions identically/

Eric B & Rakim, now ‘Whistle ta different Melodies'/

A force now divorced like KRS & MS. Melody/

Now Clear Channel and Viacom own everything/

Reality is MTV - check the scheduling/

We all obsessed with the private lives of celebrities/

Privatizing everything -bastardizing the 70's/

Got advertising executives living in luxury/

Irresponsibly sponsoring causes of death and poverty/

I know probably people think the majority/

Of what we choose is freewill but not in no monopoly/

Those with seniority, can manipulate minorities/

By views that they choose on the news spewed dishonestly/

We've lost authority - Hip Hop's now morally-/

Challenged we trade our talents for small salaries- always/

Similar businesses, using viewers and listeners

Systematical slavery, institutional prisoners/

Confusing us like idiots, most of us act like children/

Braggin’ bout what we selling' inside of our own buildings and/

Actin like buildin’ is totally out the question/

To busy actin like we be grossing millions no question/

Here's my suggestion, ta some it may sound blasphemous/

We need more activists, rappers who rap passionate/

See I ain't bashing another rapper like Fabolous/

Just simply saying some of us need to spell it more accurate/

With more confidence, mathematics like calculus/

More congress law and politics interest in the establishment/

Reestablishing what we gained from our guardians/

And passing it on down again reacquainting the audience


Chapter 2. Get Lyrical

The most sick with it, flows that are so intricate/

Unlimited potential on instrumentals & instruments/

"The determination, the dedication and discipline"/

“The Focuz” never left, just the records get more intelligent/

Growth exponential, the most exceptional specimen/

Mental and the physical, both reflections of excellence/

True credentials, so influential and relevant/

Choose to be respected, do business as a gentlemen/

My profession is “professional lyricist”/

Professor Lyrical, international appearances/

Paid panelist, teacher, lecturer, analyst/

Who nearly every weekend is speaking at different campuses/

My advantage is, understanding percentages/

And represent myself with a bachelors that's in management/

A few assistants but my persistence - I channel it/

Ta truly be successful, yet still essentially handle it


Flows poetical, words evangelical/

Since Lyrical Lord Plourde was shortened down to Lyrical/

Cause my material sort of borders on spiritual/

Songs like psalms, my rap book is Biblical/

Strong palms- I snatch mics like criminals/

Delivering strong hooks that stick like subliminals/

I break down what’s compound to mineral/

And Elements like Euclid, intelligence I’m using it/

Mathematically fusing It, rap classes and music with/

Students at universities, universally proving it/

Arithmetically, choosing loops in a strategy/

Like Arabs algebraically battling back the Pharisees/

Dark matter- my mind travel the galaxy/

But battle anyone on theses streets, sleeping’s a fallacy/

Naturally- what I bring ta the tables’ skills unlimited/

Authentic like Shame on the tables- letting the records spin


The irreproachable, flow the most notable/

Clearly the most quotable, lyrically downloadable/

Local and global respect, but still approachable/

Lottery pick, blue chip, yet remain coachable/

My approach to the craft, beyond devotional/

Beyond contractual, skills are non-negotiable/

Total perfection my goal- nobody closer to/

Once Shame laces soul in the tracks that's so emotional/

So poetical, authentic and lyrical/

That often other authors want my autographed material/

Now that's hysterical picture Lebron James?

In a game signing his name on a ball for Dwayne Wade/

A Shame, for you to beat me Lyrically when I'm recording/

That's like tryna cover Jordan on the court while wearing Jordan's/

Then watching the next morning as SportsCenter reporters/

Say “no one is more poetic than Lyrical Lord Plourde is”

Chapter 3. It’s A New Thing

This is the track that us kats can rap to/

That kats in the back wanna tag and graf to/

BBoys coming in their matching track suits/

Get down on the ground and spin around on their backs to/

Techniques, DJ’s will scratch to/

Mix and match to learn to adapt to/

YouTubing it, video interviewing it/

Improving it by noon a 100,000 are viewing it/

Dude, I ain’t really tryna revive old school/

Just tryna reach the kids and keep em from going postal/

Cuz how we supposed to do what we supposed to?/

When the youth ain’t close to you & won’t approach you?/

You want results in the schools- teach ProTools/

Then teach em bout the waves and the phases we go through/

Then in math class, teach em ta rap fast/

Percentages, investments, street scams and NASDAQ/

Cause in their backpacks, probably the sad fact/

These little Soldier Boys, they ain’t checkin’ for RasKas/

But how they supposed to if they ain’t spoken to?/

When even at open houses their folks feel “spoke to”/

Unapproachable educators wont coach em through/

Lack of role models when schools ain’t multicultural/

I ain’t insulting you I’m tryna reach the multitude/

Children is the future so it really isn’t up to you/

What they wanna do, but I can probably promise you/

The language of the world universally is musical/

You keep preaching them Parish Sermons that’s beautiful/

And I ’ma keep pressing EPs- Business as Usual


Politicians are missing the whole point,

They ain’t seeking votes, we seeing them finger point/

Crab mentality, like cats who used to battle me/

Who couldn’t really beat me, just wanted me beaten badly/

Mostly physically, flows be too mentally/

Upon a higher plane, to remain the same Enemy/

Change identities, neighborhood celebrities/

Superhero disguise the eyes they show integrity/

Independently, Democrat or Republican/

You need to pay attention to people running the government/

Cause elected officially initially/

Sometime still forgets effective immediately/

And the media can be so deceptive/

Over-sensitized attracts our attention/

So pay attention to station’s agendas/

And how they pit us against different races and genders/

Just remember the words of Bambaataa/

“Have fun, love, unity, peace,” and keep karma/

And keep honor on ya like armor/

Faith in the most High and we’ll rise like Obama

Chapter 4. This That -Featuring Sickmen

Who got that ill serial killer skill material/

Musical translucent flow, almost ethereal?/

It’s “Lyrical-culus, wrong kat to battle with/

My mathematical talent’s more ancient than an abacus”/

The most miraculous, lyrics upon analysis/

Dope beyond reproach- that's overmatching all challengers/

Quote myself cause there's no other analogous/

No other professor with feather pens and calluses/

Palace of X-Caliber jousting on wild stallions/

The Ponce De Leon of the fountain pen battalion/

Mic medallions swing loose with valiance/

A trophy wife- my ring finger is platinum/

I feel it’s obvious skilled as non-novices/

The oppositely typical hobby for home offices/

This is that positive, Bobby Brown, prerogative/

Quietly understated yet overwhelmingly confident


The young Spartacus, future Pulitzer novelist/

Never was once a novice, was born with a sense of awesomeness/

Improve the art like a view of the tomb of Mausolus/

Authoring logarithms more beautiful than the nautilus/

Touch the pencil to Temple- I am Artemis/

Topics that's architectural, building our greater consciousness/

Ain't got the foggiest, what I'm saying? It's obvious/

But you can bob along or just nod your head with the audience/

Enjoy the ambiance, now you hear where the party is/

Cause with some call and response, I turn mausoleums to Mardi Gras

With one caveat, never eating no caviar/

I’m good up in ya Marriot, courtyard with a candy bar/

Cause I’m a normal dude, yeah I like foreign food/

Rooms with a view, but you don't have ta act all formal dude/

I'm for the multitudes, find me teaching multiples/

At multiple college universities on the humble dude/

Been in a few magazines, graced the cover too/

Used to tryna MAC on that cheese and chase them comfort foods/

So in a month or two, maybe like a year or more,

Check for the professor and you’ll probably start to hear me more/

So please cheer me more- If you feel I'm dope/

Cuz half these rap kats are Demi Moore, better when they Ghost


My advice is why try and fight this?/

Nicest metaphorical lyricist since Christ was/

Preaching parables, running through endless battle drills/

Military intelligence- scuba gear and a parachute/

Running through obstacles without the use of opticals/

My early morning workout is more like mission impossible

My total disciplines keepin’ my subjects interested/

Feminine intuition- I learned it from all my women friends/

Invited them over cause they made my writing doper/

Had 2 of em on the sofa, now they fighting to push over/

Tryna to get closer cause they think I’m on some sexiness/

But really miss- I’m really just a lyrical perfectionist/

My only question is sensatory perception/

Hypnotical suggestions and learning the true lessons

Confessing ta priest and High Priestess of my genius/

My wisdom was obtained from the knowledge that trained Jesus

Chapter 5. Moving Up –Featuring Love Jones

Crack of dawn-you’ll find me up in the back of the yard/

Its calisthenics every morning stretching out on the lawn/

Practicing hard, don’t even need a show to perform/

Just put me on any stage- and I’ll be working on form/

Running the drills, how I stay sharp with the skills/

In the coast of Cambridge Mass, but I come from the Mills/

So run for the hills, still- no I’m not run of the –mill/

But Lyrical might make a run for your Governor/

Political still, we making the mills off of prisoners/

I ain’t for the penalty, to many little Hilters/

And I ain’t hailing nothing but a cab in the rain/

No Chief, plus these Cabinets are hard to arrange/

And hard to explain, most are just slogans for change/

I be my own role model, in the Rover I Range/

Drove through the plains, Logan – even flown on the planes/

Or Fung Wah, find me flowing over tracks on the train – with Shame


I live to record, that’s why they call me Lyrical Lord/

Literature that I’ve written, keep em open for sure/

Cause over the shores, at first I hadn’t flown before/

Scared to fly, now find me on a word wide tour/

Shame on the cut, in fact even Shame on the track/

Half the reason of half of Mass got their name on the map/

Engraved in wax, Invasion -and X-Cal go back/

We owe are legacy to Shame, since he came to UMass/

Inspired my rhymes, ta write like my life’s on the line/

There’s no squares in my circle, keep my cipher divine/

My geometry, diameter, circumference divides/

That’s why Shame’s on the slice like he serving up Pi/

Another tangent, my plans never to be cosined/

Just do the math and draw parallels like equal signs/

Speak your mind, please before I throw down/

Cause I ain’t trying mess around with you Bozo Clowns/

Won’t slow down, ain’t about dumbing it down/

I’m Novocain for the brain how I’m numbing the crowd/

They loving the sound cause they ain’t seen nothing around/

A little substance could bring the club tumbling down/

A little substance in their system and they stumble around/

Once I hit em with the wisdom that be so profound/

So for now, ain’t tryna place blame on you/

Just sing the chorus before I have to sick Shame on you!


This is that highly ceremonial, flow so matrimonial/

Imagery, that’s so vivid, the lyrics more like pictorials/

Much fame from the rhyming, with substance- no ice shining/

Success is… “my wife crying, when I upgraded her diamond”/

Never been one trying- to ball out to the maximum/

Dropped the new iNFiNiTi, upgraded the Maxima/

“Sky’s the limit”, Wanted to “push the 45 infinit”/

Till I seen the Benz kitted, and pictured it all tinted

Always been the exception, bent rules to adjust them/

Addictive personality, verses – sent to perfect them/

Classics I resurrect them- & futuristically twist them/

If I Ruled the World, then Nas and Lauren had children/

Skilled and Vintage, - from the Mill City bodega’s/

Typically any given, now find me sittin’ at Strega/

Tippin’ the waiter major, for making it vegetarian/

And pullin’ out the chair for the woman I ended up marrying

Chapter 6. How It Should Be Done

Supremely Crafted, routinely mastered/

Rhyme schemes, conceived in my dreams, my sleep's practice/

24-7 been dedicated to rapping/

While still finding time in between for multitasking/

University Massachusetts my masters/

Earned the same time making Massachusetts some classics/

Teaching mathematics and university classes/

And music with my students the fusion is fantastic/

But don't confuse it, to battle me, that's a fallacy/

Sun, I put the Earth on the map in this rap galaxy/

My mentality, humble is what I have to be/

Cuz even though I'm known as the best there’s a hundred after me/

A hunted athlete, dumb to be humming happily/

When half these crappy, happy go lucky rappers are tragedies/

One minute I'm hot and the crowd claps for me/

The second that I'm turning my back, their gonna clap on me/

So don't grab on me, after I walk past at these/

Rap shows, the answer is "no" I am not having it/

It’s not happening, don't know what you expect to see/

Typically, you'll find me perfecting vectors and matrices/

Professor Lyrical, my material's basically/

Made to be poetic yet spoken, more motivationally/

So any vacancy, math, music or otherwise/

I'll graph you out my digits like perpendicular number lines


Who the most motivational, standing ovational?/

Schooled in how to handle the tool, vocational/

Mastering the manual, hand you a demonstrational/

Able to train management, functionally operational/

Just in case you- were not aware the repertoire/

Meet your Butta Messenga, Legendary X-Caliber/

Lord of the Lyrical, sword slicing material/

Mastering the elements, Hip Hop's imperial/

Mental meditation, I travel through several layers/

Envision me cross-legged, somewhere in the Himalayas

Even though my body is probably sitting in Cambridge

Sipping coffee with some sloppy professors, acting all snobby/

Nothing will stop me, from skipping through archipelagos/

Spitting some acapella - with visual arpeggios

Freestyle material - coming to me in visions

So I listen, grab a pen, and convert em quick into writtens


Overall, the whole game needs an overhaul/

Study my movements, establishing the protocol/

Who more meticulous? - speaking clear & articulate/

The &'s my ampersand cuz I'm symbolic & Prince with it/

White gloved Like Mike, but I’m still leaving my fingerprints/

On mics so deliberate, some say that I'm Simpsonish/

If yall don't know the story than you should probably look into it/

Would probably win the Heisman if music had the equivalent/

If I ain't one the best then Cam Newton is innocent/

If dudes wanna test - I will let them cheat and look ignorant/

This is why they call me Profess -or, just coincidence/

Cause I just have a way with the words when I play with sentences/

Even though degrees that I hold are based in numerals/

Lyrically the way that I R.I.P. is fit for funerals/

Or musicals, the way that i spit on stages eternally/

So truthfully a name like "Lyrical" is no Hyperbole

Chapter 7. No Doubt

Streamline, thinking up lyrics riding the Green line/

Meantime, sippin’ on Coke, mixed with key lime/

Free time, 617Live we primetime/

Unified Theory of rhyme schemes like Einstein/

"i" in the middle of M.C. for industry/

June 17th- every year we make history/

Shame on the tables, had ta bring my man back/

Early in the nineties when I first heard him scratch/

First heard me rap, going back through the memories/

Two mass men in the Battle World Supremacy/

I was in my infancy, wasn’t ready mentally/

Mathematically mapped out- retrospectively/

Life lies ahead of me, all of this was meant ta be/

93 till iNFiNiTi was all destiny

Definite with Chemistry, Shame cheffed the recipe/

”Jungles of the East”, left a Scientific legacy


My life's symmetry, balance and flow, precise imagery/

Master myself and my square- divine ministry/

Rhymers mimic me, too few authentically/

Genetically connected to God charged kinetically/

Father resembles me, Mother Earth's telepathy/

In harmony with all things- I bring forth the symphony/

That’s the reason if most probably don’t mention me/

Any season even in snow, heated with energy/

My capacities’, much more I’m naturally/

Adapted to the elements intelligence & faculties,/

Fully functioning, Universities wondering/

How ta have me come for the student body and governments?/

I Try ta comfort them, teach others in front of em/

Put em all straight in their place while still lovin’ em/

Stare em dead straight in the face I'm straight buggen’em/

And sell em more merch when I’m done I’m straight thuggen’ em


Words impeccable, birth verses incredible/

Classical, heavy metal, my genres span several/

Soul is ethereal, swing like Duke Ellington/

Rock like Chuck Berry, My role- very intelligent/

Respect level is tough...and you can tell it is/

Revered by our elders, loved like close relatives/

Grace the Land with a flow, blow like Elvis did/

Instrument's held lefty, burn em like Jimmi Hendricks did/

My main difference is out of my brains spittin’/

With change the game writtens, insane like Blake Griffin/

Plus any distance I drain from highly accurate-/

Highly talented, game is Ray Allen-ish/

Well practiced and versed, looking instinctual/

Only cause the work I put in is unthinkable/

So next time when I'm rhyming at some Palladium/

Remember all the time that I've put in the gymnasium

Chapter 8. PoeTeacher -Featuring Violin by Chris Huang

I am impassioned, soul that's old fashioned/

A classic, a modern day Johann Sebastian/

Beethovien, flow that's hand woven in/

With finer strings then you'll find on a violin/

Stradivarius, Master Artesian/

On hand-blown glass, my craft is pure genius/

The multivariate – flow for all season/

Raps get tracked out on graphs that's Cartesian/

So Thelonious, James Brown and Coltrane/

Improper Bostonian, Old school as Soul Train/

Paying homage to those dudes from old days/

With Hall of Fame status and vocals like the O'Jays/

So harmonious, motion so melodious/

Musical choreography when spoken at the podium/

The Professor, The Pastoral, Historian/

Master of Ceremonies Poetical Bacca- Laureate


The flow's so academia, hooded robe and regalia/

The verses floodeth over, I'm so Mesopotamia/

Holder of diplomas & scrolls with gold frames on them/

Lower in the left hand, signed with old names on them/

Poems I'm arranging them, paper is Origami/

Folded over into a pattern sequential as Fibonacci/

Rap on the instrumentals as lavish as Liberace/

Elaborate as my bachelor pad- now that’s all behind me/

Now my wife she lay beside me, so gorgeous upon the sofa/

Now the Plourde's home aroma is so William Sonoma/

Pebble grained leather in plaid twill with mocha/

Mantle match the Mother of Pearl handle and poker/

Senior Director of Investor Relations, with paid vacations/

Punta Cana in December, on Christmas with reservations/

Now we so Golden Ratio, so Alger Horatio/

Going from "Rags to Riches" replacing what’s on your radio/

Able to go from amateur, Provost to Chancellor/

Shaking hands daily with Substitutes and Janitors/

Soloist at the seminars, Intellectual Lecturer/

Only one at the podium, known to be standing next to the/

Mayor with one shoulder, the other's rubbing with debutantes/

Delegates, intelligent- eat at elegant restaurants/

Rest of us Ghetto Fabulous...blessings unto my Audience/

All of my true constituents- still yearning for scholarship


Highly conceptual, intellectual emphasis/

Stressed in every syllable- still incredibly delicate/

Infinitesimally balanced with spacial elegance/

Save them to place in palaces, frame up my greatest sentences/

I’m Feng Shui all day, come peep my residence/

While still real enough for the streets to reap the benefits/

My recent effort is, reading the recent evidence/

I've reasoned that we’re needing ta reach the children with deficits/

So my attention, is focusing more messages/

Ta get em with the music, and making them more competitive/

Better businessmen, better at every discipline/

And better with the letters and numbers for younger listeners/

So if you’re older and motivated as citizens/

Then your participation as witnesses isn't "innocent"/

Your just as guilty if you don’t make them apprentices/

Complaining you’re too busy, just criticizing the President

Chapter 9. Do U Need 2 B Reminded? –Featuring Presence & Sickmen of Invasion

My flow’s preposterous-Impossible, novices wanting to copy it/

Imposters pose Lyrical with their marketing and posturing/

But, I’m more in the genre of the Dali Lama and Mahatma Gandhi/

Or maybe Marley's Baby Mama Mixed with some Salvador Dali/

Literally, Da Vinci with it, lyrics- Leonardo-like/

Beautiful as a Hale Berry, while leaving with my model wife/

-A lot of my life, has been dedicated to excellence/

My regiments have been well documented as evidence/

I never been one of them rappers bout hate & fear when spitting/

Now my writtens' more quoted than Shakespeare & Dickens/

"An architect", erecting up a Taj Mahal marblesque/

Monument, "a Master of Ceremonial novelists"/

Mighty as “Hard Rockers" the problem has never been confidence/

Its modesty too much Cash Money & not enough Marvelous/

Too many Remy or Aston Martin topics centered on profits/

So it’s ironic they never be talking bout Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad

Chapter 10. Obvious

Intense clarity, you are viewing a rarity/

Glaringly till it’s obvious/novices don't compare to me/

Fairly remarkable, how there is no one comparable/

Unstoppable how I clobber competition is, comical/

Bunch of comedians needing someone ta laugh at them at/

Don’t even know their talent is/like one of the many Kardashians/

Too many are actors and not enough of them practicing/

Actually wanna be rappers just think its magically happening/

Well I got news for them, skills I have are unusual/

Musical super human more scripture than all Jerusalem/

Improve perpetual, always room on my schedule/

To better myself and my level of lyrical skills beyond incredible/

Evoking excellence, sentences that I architect/

The consequence, awareness of upper levels of consciousness/

Confident of responses from audience's at concerts is/

All positive, but that would be almost stating the obvious/


Categorically - Lord Plourde's the authority/

Majority of topics, got Hip Hop seniority/

But more importantly, more and more are boring me/

Forcing me, taking action, cause half of them's rappin' horribly/

Stunted orally, suddenly, something's morally/

Wrong when "Liking" songs to be "Friends" is called "Supportin'" me/

Once it’s forcibly reinforced, your forcing me/

To possibly, "Unlike" you in real life -like broccoli/

Get all brolicy, follow a new policy/

Cause honestly, most rappers are babies who whine colicky/

Wanna be callin me "hater?” I probably know what the problem be/

"Hit Lyrical up on Twitter, I'm bitter he wouldn't 'follow me'"/

While yall call up me, swallowing orthodontistly /

And anonymously offer me awkwardly deep apologies/

Tell me your sorry, all softly speaking all wobbly/

-Yall oxymorons- seriously be comedy


Virtuosity, you are viewing a Prodigy/

Putting them, all to Shame with a higher level of artistry/

Our whole philosophy, simply to do it properly/

Ironically somehow in Hip Hop, now that’s a novelty/

Meet the, anomaly- one of the most modestly/

Known names producing I'm introducing ya properly/

To one of the most copied, so it's shame on, them/

Spinning, them two tables I got Shame on them/

One of the most fabled, imitated and borrowed/

But shame would never say it he's, not a man of bravado/

The Vinyl Reanimator it's the mixer extraordinaire/

Battle winner and digger all biters beware/

The type that is rare, ability, mixed with humility/

Skills that pay the bills, more consistent than utilities/

Simply I turn the tables now on DJ Shame/

How nice you are up on the slice homey, please explain

11. Unobvious Acapella

I am built for this with the skills and will travel/

While yall "Semipro" with your flow, your Will Farrell/

While my "Desire" is more higher than Pharoahe's/

I am- not the typical rapper rapping about buying apparel/

But- I stay fly whenever what's fly's classic/

But It’s obvious I'd rather be drop-in on taking classes/

I'd rather travel the atlas speaking at campuses/

Talking about these labels instead of what labels on my pants these "is"/

And I ain't knocking rocking primates on your pockets/

But it’s obvious monkey see monkey do, when dudes go shopping/

If you got it- drop a deposit on a vacation in the tropics/

Cause a trend will come and go, but half of this stress is mostly nonsense/

I've done concerts at colleges round the continent/

Had continental breakfasts, at several different conferences/

Corporate endorsements, with several of different sponsorships/

All cuz these acapellas I prepare are spit with flawlessness

Chapter 12. It’s A Shame -Feat Love Jones

Successful, sounds so stressful/

That’s cause the industry we swim in's a cesspool/

Woman are slaves, getting abused like sex tools/

As lames gas em up like the price of jet fuel/

The game's a mind field we all must step through/

So guess who's- coming with all your rhymes to the rescue/

-So clever, so fresh, no next dude/

Could ever being doing it better if they cloned me in test tubes/

But that's the problem homey somebody went and dressed you/

With some designer name they went and pressed on your sweat suit/

You’re not alone my dude, everyone else too/

They show us on TV, we doing just what they tell us to/

We all gelling to a tendency Central/

Like Comedy- how television’s holding our mental/

Mind control, taking over our pencils/

Till the rhymes are all the same and we just change instrumentals


The consummate professional, in concert or processionals/

My vocals in a zone of their own - exceptional/

So I take exception to anybody suggesting/

That I would ever settle for less than total perfection/

No question, the talent level is staggering/

And proof of what a human can to do when we choose to master it/

Choose to imagine it-, viewing your future happening/

Establishing yourself and your music beyond comparison/

Beyond the packaging, industry manufacturing/

Swagger that’s artificially flavored faker than saccharin/

Lacking the judgment, and presence of moral character/

But listen I ain't judging, it’s probably poor parenting/

Poor handling, horribly poor management/

These poor adolescents need lessons in how to handle it/

Promoting these acts as young, stupid and arrogant/

Till insecure rappers act immature and embarrassing


I summon the power –of the souls before/

For I am the sum of power - of my father’s four/

My heart is pure, my mother that I love and adore/

Gave birth on this Earth to a Lyrical Lord – Plourde/

So scholarly, flows none can follow me/

Known for the way that I wail like Bob Marley be/

So topically before my time/

That I’m forced ta wear black to absorb my shine/

Rhymes, revolutionize –do what I please/

I’d rather die on my own two, then live on my knees/

Do -what I believe, through time to achieve/

Since preschool dude I presumed ta lead/

I- never drank, never smoked no weed/

I-just simply wrote rhymes and continued to read/

Continue to bleed for the cause where it out on my sleeve/

Cuz we all still slaves ta this Wall Street greed


From here to the end, I'm out to keep it real with the pen/

Beyond the trends of material and so called friends/

I'm so on edge, when every word off of the head/

Could end up used against me court of law with the feds/

Possibly best, Boston ever seen I'm a vet/

Plus I don't sleep got the energy of Cadets/

Yet, we just a few kids writing on your city blocks/

Waiting on the public pools before somebody is getting shot/

It's all budgeted, cram em in, crush em in/

Turning up the heat, murder, then it’s no wonder its/

All poor folks, Boston to Norfolk,

No joke killing our own, selling them more coke/

Endless suffering, kats out struggling,

Smothering each other popping aspirin to Bufferin/

So don't spend it if you ain’t got it, don't cop it/

I see it dropped too often on a youngin’s coffin

Chapter 13. Love Life

Know for the most part, some is feelin’ ashamed of rap/

So for the record- that’s why I called Shame for track/

To blame it on rap? That’s probably a little to far/

In the hood when these dudes go and shoot up a car/

They never, ask the question “where the guns come from?”/

Or ask the Governor one time “Where these drugs come from?”/

I just come from another friend’s funeral this month/

And plus at hip hop shows these dudes shoot up the club/

Your beautiful love, why you tryna hang here for?/

All night I’m hearing music calling woman a wh*re/

She like “That’s all right I’m just supporting my man/

Tryna ride or die and hold it down for my fam”/

Listen- it’s all a plan in every urbanized district/

Downgrade the services, jobs not existent/

To keep us over the threshold of poverty/

It’s practically impossible owning your own property/

Receiving yourself a quality, education is probably/

Harder up in the hood when these good school’s majority

Places the priority, on improving the economy/

Their tax base erasing what's faces most minorities/

It’s kind of sorry, when if you have to move here/

When even sports owners know, they having to revenue share/

Continue to care, I’ll send you out a prayer for us both/

A little patience, have faith and just let your stress go


It’s like sometimes we trying ta plan the best for our seeds/

And give em, some water to grow in their time of need/

Even, rhymes they need they ain’t hearing no more/

Cause Hip Hop’s now controlled by the sponsors of tours/

And the media is owned by the same big four/

Universal’s GE, of course supporting the wars/

So it’s importing for, every gain that they make/

And every music video they go and produce to be fake/

You need ta, take your time try and age like wine/

Cause all these overnight success stories simply is lies/

And ladies all these dudes tryna get in your thighs/

They ain’t bothering doing the fathering they simply gonna slide/

Cause if he done respect you, he wouldn’t of sexed you/

On the first night he met you, next day wont text you/

So hear my plan let me lecture the next dude/

So little man here can tell it next to his nephews/

I know she fine and she look all good/

She need a real man to hold her one who look all hood/

Listen- she need a man with his head in a book/

One who tryna get ahead instead of be checking his looks/

Look, one whose responsible, by any means possible/

One to hold her hand when she’s over at the hospital

Holding down a job and holding it down for her/

And shower her like God’s gift with frankincense and myrrh

Chapter 14. Put Em All To Shame

I’m vegetarian, I never have meat on a stick/

I choose fruit, never loose, never beef over chicks/

I keep it biz, never personal, endorsing your commercial to/

Sell more of my own, in reverse a role reversal of/

Fortune on the cover of Forbes before I’m 44/

I’ve been in the Source before, it opened up doors/

I want more, than just material, music up on your stereo/

Lyrical cereal replacing Wheaties and your Cheerios/

Heroes to me were people like Ida Wells/

And Nelson Mandela, thirty years in a cell/

I learned to rhyme well, listening to Kane and Rakim/

The training begins, I started lifted weights in the gym/

The brain of a kid, running wild like a slave on the run/

Illusions of my own freedom, got me speaking in tongues/

Like teachers and nuns, or preachers with guns/

Beat us religiously, until your concept of individual identity/

Is blended into the melting pot, felt not a thing/

15 years later, all I see is the bling/

The poetry’s gone, listen I wrote so many songs/

With so many bars, it’s hard for me to know em apart/

So where do I start? I file em by class and type/

And memorizing them in my head in my class at night/

The classic type- of rapper who’d be glad to fight/

Battle anyone, and teach em how to rap more tight/

A sight for sore-eye fight for the poor/

With eyes on the prize, I’m sure of what we doing it for/

Humans are more, than we thinking we are, twinkling stars/

Metaphorically the truth lurks in knowing your start/

Knowing your art, Noah’s Ark alone in oceans of dark/

Closer to quarks in the heavens than a boat at the dock/

Hoping to start, mad discussions on the start of it all/

9 dimensions of the world, holding time in a ball/

A fly on the wall, listening to all of yall squawk/

Like a bunch of wining kids who lost their ball at the park/

Spark the cipher still, writer whose ill, mergers and business deals/

Forget the land fill want 40 acres up on Sugar Hill/

I’ll walk into the office of a corporate exec/

With force of a tech, and hit him in the forehead and step (with knowledge)/

Weapons kept, like Magic and Bird, below the jersey/

Extra heavy mad legend like Larry, Dirty like Harry/

Now I carry black Mike’s in a case, my mic in a case/

Just in case a player want to take it on stage/

Make my way towards a doctorate, make a tender offer than/

Buy myself a corporate apartment with Boston offices/

A view of the Charles, maybe two in Nepal/

Meditating like a Buddhist, find solutions for all/

Youth at the mall, they don’t have a clue at all/

Looking for some sweat suits and some shoes to ball/

In two to four, we old enough to send them to war/

The Senator’s wrong, he better start amending his laws/

Cause his son shops at the same shop for Armani’s at Copley/

With speech and dress a little more properly/

Pronounced than the rest of us, in a fancy restaurant/

Eating his croissants, thinking about the new shoes he bought/

But he forgot, his pops that is he voted for war/

To get him voted for congressional doors/

Now North Korea’s going nuclear, in moments like these/

We always send a few thousand more kids overseas/

So how can it be, got little kids fighting at all/

Don’t like it all, rich or poor, you’re still to small/

Go back to the mall, shop at Barnes and Nobles and read/

A book about the world we live in so global indeed/

Locally need, more rappers who can read and write/

Believe in the fight, instead of just believing the hype/

So leave the mic, until you can rock it like this/

And think you have something positive to possibly give - kids

Chapter 15. Do You Remember? -Featuring Love Jones

For years Hiphop has been lost in ‘stagnicity’/

Cross over pop that lost authenticity/

Eventually, grade school rap so elementary/

Mirrors our educational institutions identically/

Eric B & Rakim, now ‘Whistle ta different Melodies'/

A force now divorced like KRS & MS. Melody/

Now Clear Channel and Viacom own everything/

Reality is MTV—check the scheduling/

We all obsessed with the private lives of celebrities/

Privatizing everything -bastardizing the 70's/

Got advertising executives living in luxury/

Irresponsibly sponsoring causes of death and poverty/

I know probably people think the majority/

Of what we choose is freewill but not in no monopoly/

Those with seniority, can manipulate minorities/

By views that they choose on the news spewed dishonestly/

We've lost authority—Hiphop's now morally/

Challenged we trade our talents for small salaries—always/

Similar businesses, using viewers and listeners/

Systematical slavery, institutional prisoners/

Confusing us like idiots, most of us act like children/

Braggin’ bout what we selling' inside of our own buildings and/

Acting like building is totally out the question/

Too busy acting like we be grossing millions no question/

Here's my suggestion, ta some it may sound blasphemous/

We need more activists, rappers who rap passionate/

See I ain't bashing another rapper like Fabolous/

Just simply saying some of us need to spell it more accurate/

With more confidence, mathematics like calculus/

More congress law and politics interest in the establishment/

Reestablishing what we gained from our guardians/

And passing it on down again reacquainting the audience

This ain't one of them club jams/

This is more for the symphony/

Orchestras in the mezzanine for the musicians having epiphanies/

This is history, literally in the making/

Choosing the red or the blue pill, Lyrical up in the Matrix/

These are true skills, but still routed in basics/

Charting the constellations through manual calculations/

Best seller potential on instrumental arrangements/

But probably never will be until I'm named one of Oprah's favorites/

Until that day comes its endless preparations/

Advocating for reparations through community rehabilitation/

Civic engagement, improving our educational/

Institution’s situation through constitutional compensation/

Where standing ovations are the show of appreciation

And the positive affirmation that we have achieved communication/

Throughout the crowd and perhaps across humanity/

Substituting humility into our swag instead of just vanity


Cause & Effect

It’s cause and effect, yall can load the cards in the deck/

But son you can't fool fate, show your God some respect/

You got to expect, that everything you thought was correct/

Was possibly wrong, that’s why I chose songs to perfect/

It’s hard to accept that all we are is dust in the wind/

Because as a kid I always felt destined to win/

So now whenever I loose, I think it’s just, paying my dues/

I stay faithful, and I ain't nothing to prove/

Life is fate filled, Its obvious, these choices, I choose/

I stay grateful, and modestly keep making my moves/

Awake when I snooze, organizing the thoughts in my dreams/

Switching perspectives, cause everything is not as it seems,

It seems every bad thing, is good in disguise/

So I- stay patient, don't hate or despise/

Despite, what you may think, await till it’s proved/

Now Lyrical's fatter than kids who wearing their shirts in the pool/



The culmination of practicing poems endlessly/

Hear how music sounds when humans approach mastery/

Fused exactly- seamlessly how it had to be/

That Post-Grad Doctoral Level Royal Academy/

Blue collar factory worker ethic mentality/

Balanced between a Biggie meets Shakespearean tragedy/

Actually- don’t have to be fans, y’all change gradually/

And outgrow the clubs, expand their mental capacities/

Take it right back to the streets so we can naturally/

Do what we did since we was kids, as we grew gradually/

Improved our strategies, Rap shows, establishing/

Name as the fame grew, as we made moves from battling/

First pressed a record in 89 with X-Caliber/

The same year Shame was a World Supremacy Battler/

That's decades on the calendar we have made an impression in/

Welcoming the future, when this is what we remembering/


The Paragon

The Paragon-, the prototypical Capricorn/

With the beast mode of a Mastodon

When I minister as if I'm Farrakhan/

Study my bibliography -topically Isaac Asimov/

Spit mathematical jargon in the direction of New Babylon/

One of the best there is -there is no question- check my catalog/

Messenga that's been Buttas, before most any had heard of X-Caliber/

Battlers at the Seminar, with the Skillz that's Supernatural/

So go rehearse your freestyle, while I just do what comes natural/

Autobiographicals- as classical in their content/

As anything ever conducted by Lockhart in his concerts/

Conceptually, intellectually, eventually- comprehension/

Beyond words or any awards for now just honorably we're mentioned/

Exceptionally well Chronicled, cause most dudes are all facades/

So producers seeking to leak me more than Julian Assange/

Unusually calm, collective, cool- once I respond/

Till I assassinate the Osamas, with the Barack Obama Charm-and I'm gone

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