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Pro Lyrics:


Yo That’s Pro - Lyrics by Professor Lyrical (P. Plourde)

It’s hard to believe, that now I wear my heart on my sleeve

Used ta wear a sleeve over my heart, that was my starting-point—

Guard-ed, shielded, concealing how I’m feeling

Thinking that keeping it hard meant not being revealing

But I ain’t never really felt hard inside my heart,

I love people, I never want to tear em apart,

But, some kids are mean even before they turn teens

Made me want to stick to myself, and stick to my team

A small circle, was never really one for the fanfare

Till I made my first fan, now I understand real clear

I feel the pain of others sincere and vividly

So, I don’t have to live it, to know it and show em some empathy

So now I empty these, Mont Blancs repeatedly

The way they treating me, I feel like a Pro

Yall show me love on the reg, thanks for letting me know—yo

They say sales and streams make emcees successful

But I put bars over numbers like repeating decimals

Some be so stressful, down deep they wrestle

I just try to keep it peace before it seeps in my temples

So I freak the beats when I speak peeking the decibels,

Would never settle for average, I’d reach incredible

Levels inevitable, y’all should peep my schedule

You’ll find me eating vegetables at several Greek festivals

My idea of partying, not like the rest of you

I didn’t get this Lyrical by doing what the rest would do

I never rested dude, son I got my lessons too

College professor, call me “Mr.” cause respect is due

I got a question dude, if you could only spit one verse

Would you lie about yourself, or uplift the Earth?

Would you lie about your wealth, gross and total worth?

Before your lying by yourself, face full of dirt

I dig you done some dirt you did when you was a kid

You wish you wouldn’t have done but you did and it's done did

Son, kid, I ain’t tryna act all Holy Father

But if you thinking you Nasty as Nas, I’ll son you Olu Dara



Explain what is greatness, and the way that we rate this/

When clearly the basis for much of its baseless/

Subjects so basic, it’s tough to debate when/

The young generation is stuck in the [Matrix]/

Face it, most radio stations’/

Rotations for years on these shows are complacent/

Hosts that are wasted, look close at their playlists/

They post, and it shows, they are so cut and pasted/

Supposed to be raising these children is sacred/

As taking an oath, not a goat for the scaping/

So don't go and blame them and stop the complaining/

Just look at the nation that we went and gave them/

Went from Obama with Hope so audacious/

To quotes from The Oval so overtly racist/

Now in the ‘Home of the Brave” we’re less safe in/

No wonder Wakanda is where most put their faith in/

Walk in ta class feeling no motivation/

When no one in math has discussed a vocation/

Building a system with poor education’s/

Like building a house with no floors or foundation/

Or pouring cement in a porous foundation/

Receiving support from the poorest foundations/

Look at the buildings that most have been placed in/

It only makes sense that there’s low expectations/

Thinking that STEM is for only them Asians/

Or part of a flower like pistils and stamens/

Lots of the power, has often remained in/

The hands of the few like these pistols they waiving/

They'll chop off the hands of their son like their Darth Vader/

So awesome the Power, they want to be Kanan/

Reign of the Empire, crushing The Rebellion/

Dreams of Millennials like Patriots on Falcons/

I’m here to claim that, we need to take it/

Back—our curriculum we ought to be ashamed of/

Same as every neighborhood-watch the Caucasians/

Craving every cul-de-sac or somewhere that’s gated/

Their property tax is in fact segregation/

Just show me the gross and the homes and locations/

I’ll show you a graph with direct correlation/

Exactly that maps out how we accu-place them/

Trace them, track them, we know what the pattern/

Is what gives, now that everybody’s rapping?/

Maybe it’s the problem, maybe we can trap them/

In, then we'll blame it on the Law of Attraction/

Maybe more simply, never taught em fractions/

Cause we never thought that mathematics was their passion/

I am here to smash that, bash that to pieces/

In fact, it was the topic of my doctoral thesis/

Acknowledging Hip Hop, of course it can reach them/

Embed it in the culture of the courses that we're teaching/

Check Chris Emdin, you can probably reach him/

@ #HipHopEd, it’s the hash that we’re tweeting/

Hip Hop heads working straight through weekend/

We taking no shorts, even do it while were sleeping/

A bunch of educators come together rather frequent/

Until we see each other at a conference that we’re speaking/

Topics of interest like interest were seeking/

Return on investment, our children were reaching/

They already get it and can bet that we ain't leaving~/

Till they walk across a stage on a late May evening/

Gaps of achievement, we're here to close them/

Those who deceiving, we're here to expose them/

The system is rigged like the Russians with voting/

We know who it is, there's no question the motive/



Chapter 1. Do You Remember? -Featuring Love Jones

For years Hip Hop has been lost in ‘stagnicity’/

Cross over pop that lost authenticity/

Eventually, grade school rap so elementary

Mirrors our educational institutions identically/

Eric B & Rakim, now ‘Whistle ta different Melodies'/

A force now divorced like KRS & MS. Melody/

Now Clear Channel and Viacom own everything/

Reality is MTV - check the scheduling/

We all obsessed with the private lives of celebrities/

Privatizing everything -bastardizing the 70's/

Got advertising executives living in luxury/

Irresponsibly sponsoring causes of death and poverty/

I know probably people think the majority/

Of what we choose is freewill but not in no monopoly/

Those with seniority, can manipulate minorities/

By views that they choose on the news spewed dishonestly/

We've lost authority - Hip Hop's now morally-/

Challenged we trade our talents for small salaries- always/

Similar businesses, using viewers and listeners

Systematical slavery, institutional prisoners/

Confusing us like idiots, most of us act like children/

Braggin’ bout what we selling' inside of our own buildings and/

Actin like buildin’ is totally out the question/

To busy actin like we be grossing millions no question/

Here's my suggestion, ta some it may sound blasphemous/

We need more activists, rappers who rap passionate/

See I ain't bashing another rapper like Fabolous/

Just simply saying some of us need to spell it more accurate/

With more confidence, mathematics like calculus/

More congress law and politics interest in the establishment/

Reestablishing what we gained from our guardians/

And passing it on down again reacquainting the audience


Chapter 2. Get Lyrical

The most sick with it, flows that are so intricate/

Unlimited potential on instrumentals & instruments/

"The determination, the dedication and discipline"/

“The Focuz” never left, just the records get more intelligent/

Growth exponential, the most exceptional specimen/

Mental and the physical, both reflections of excellence/

True credentials, so influential and relevant/

Choose to be respected, do business as a gentlemen/

My profession is “professional lyricist”/

Professor Lyrical, international appearances/

Paid panelist, teacher, lecturer, analyst/

Who nearly every weekend is speaking at different campuses/

My advantage is, understanding percentages/

And represent myself with a bachelors that's in management/

A few assistants but my persistence - I channel it/

Ta truly be successful, yet still essentially handle it


Flows poetical, words evangelical/

Since Lyrical Lord Plourde was shortened down to Lyrical/

Cause my material sort of borders on spiritual/

Songs like psalms, my rap book is Biblical/

Strong palms- I snatch mics like criminals/

Delivering strong hooks that stick like subliminals/

I break down what’s compound to mineral/

And Elements like Euclid, intelligence I’m using it/

Mathematically fusing It, rap classes and music with/

Students at universities, universally proving it/

Arithmetically, choosing loops in a strategy/

Like Arabs algebraically battling back the Pharisees/

Dark matter- my mind travel the galaxy/

But battle anyone on theses streets, sleeping’s a fallacy/

Naturally- what I bring ta the tables’ skills unlimited/

Authentic like Shame on the tables- letting the records spin


The irreproachable, flow the most notable/

Clearly the most quotable, lyrically downloadable/

Local and global respect, but still approachable/

Lottery pick, blue chip, yet remain coachable/

My approach to the craft, beyond devotional/

Beyond contractual, skills are non-negotiable/

Total perfection my goal- nobody closer to/

Once Shame laces soul in the tracks that's so emotional/

So poetical, authentic and lyrical/

That often other authors want my autographed material/

Now that's hysterical picture Lebron James?

In a game signing his name on a ball for Dwayne Wade/

A Shame, for you to beat me Lyrically when I'm recording/

That's like tryna cover Jordan on the court while wearing Jordan's/

Then watching the next morning as SportsCenter reporters/

Say “no one is more poetic than Lyrical Lord Plourde is”

Chapter 3. It’s A New Thing

This is the track that us kats can rap to/

That kats in the back wanna tag and graf to/

BBoys coming in their matching track suits/

Get down on the ground and spin around on their backs to/